How to Make Weight Loss Work For You

Coming to terms with what the phrase “Losing Weight” means is only half the battle. Those 2 words alone are enough to scare people away; but it doesn't have to. There are plenty of ways to form a weight loss plan that is centered around your means so that this whole process can work in your favor. The weight loss journey can no doubt be a long and hard one but that will be something to disregard if losing weight and getting back to a healthier lifestyle is your end goal. A lot of times, people will slip up from diets due to lack of motivation or pure laziness but this doesn't have to be you!

Crash dieting is not the answer in this kind of situation either because for 100% of people, a crash diet is definitely not within their means. It’s basically a calorie away from starvation, where you’re depriving your body from the proper amounts of nutrients it needs to function. A healthier lifestyle and weight loss are about filling the body with things it needs, like vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and not depriving it. Consequently, what you should be depriving your body of are those french fries and hamburgers from McDonalds, because you’re body doesn't need that. So, it’s time to make weight loss work for you. Let’s rid this perceived notion that weight loss is this scary thing and kick our butts into action!

 For starters, you can go to your local supermarket and stock up on some healthy fruit and veggie items. Adding foods to your diet that are rich in fiber can aid in weight loss such as apples, sweet potatoes, chick peas and raspberries. Fruits are the perfect snack for when you’re craving something small throughout your day. So that means putting down the potato chips and picking up a banana instead, and they’re high in potassium too! Sugarless gum is also a great way to deal with cravings. They can take your mind and stomach off of those french fries you've been thinking about since 2 pm.

Making a calendar for your workout and/or meals are a great, and I repeat, A GREAT way to stay on track with your weight loss journey. Research what exercises you’re capable of doing and make a monthly plan. Maybe have double workouts one day a week to give you that extra boost in the process. However, be sure to allow rest days throughout your workout calendar. You and your body will both need it. Also, when you have a meal plan written down, you are more likely to follow it. Having one in your head won’t work as efficiently. Make the calendar colorful or decorate it however you like. Anything to keep you going, right? Make sure you put it somewhere that you will always see and follow what it says (obviously).

The most important thing to remember throughout your weight loss journey is to never give up. Now, that sounds like such a cliche but it’s very true. Do not give up and don’t ever give up until you reach your goal. And once you reach that goal, find another one! The hardest part about losing weight is getting started. Once you start, you love the way you feel and don’t want to stop. Losing those pounds will be the motivation that will keep you going. There’s nothing better than working hard and reaching your goal. The end results will be something to be proud of.

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