Why Hormone Deficiency Causes Aging

Having optimal hormone balance is extremely important when it comes to aging, including your skin. As women age in their 40’s and 50’s they notice changes in their skin like sagging, stretching, wrinkling, and even acne which is all due to a hormone imbalance. DON’T PANIC! this is normal because as we age our hormones begin to deplete over time. This is known as a suboptimal hormone balance. A suboptimal hormone balance can have multiple symptoms and poor skin is one of them.

mountain.jpgWith age, the hormone progesterone will be among the first to deplete. This is one of the most important hormones as it is responsible for the body’s circulation. Without progesterone, you can get congestion, puffiness and acne and acne in your 50’s is not fun. Estrogen is another hormone that can become deficient with age. It is responsible for maintaining moisture in the skin and minimizing the size of your pores. With a low level of estrogen, the skin will begin to wrinkle.

Sagging is very common among the aging population and this is due to the depletion of the steroid hormone, testosterone. Testosterone helps maintain elasticity and prevent saggy skin; another concern for those who are aging. With a hormone imbalance, there are possibilities of mood swings, lack of energy, and fatigue. This is when people really start to “feel” old. They no longer have the energy and motivation they once did to do everyday activities.

When you have hormone deficiency your body is not performing at its optimal health which will subsequently result in an unregulated body. Hormone imbalance can lead to many complications while aging of the skin is probably one of the less harmful effects. It’s important to not when you’re not feeling yourself as this can be due to a hormone imbalance. Contact your local physician for further information.

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