Google vs. An Actual Doctor

How many of us have self diagnosed ourselves based on things we've read on the internet? Probably a lot of us. Nothing wrong with that considering you could inevitably save yourself a trip to the doctor. Or it could be the opposite and your findings have lead you to make an appointment with the doctor. No matter the situation, I’m sure we can all agree upon the fact that consulting a real doctor rather than the internet is not only our best bet, but probably much safer.

So, you wake up one morning and you notice a rash on your hand. You think nothing of it but then as your day carries on it seems to be the only thing you notice. Your mind begins to fill with possibilities of what this rash might be attributed to so your first thought is to consult the internet. “What can cause a rash?” is what you will search for in Google and the search will come back with tons of websites containing a possible answer. You’ll read and think you've found the answer in which it very well may be the correct one.
However, what if this rash is because of something more? It could simply be a heat rash which will go away with time. If it isn't and you ignore it, then it could develop into something worse or be the symptom of something internally wrong. Consulting a doctor should be the next step. In all intents and purposes, consulting the doctor to diagnose your health problems should be your first option… “for good measure”.

There are a number of health issues out there can have the same types of symptoms, which is why coming to a conclusive conclusion can be sometimes difficult. You’re better off having a doctor diagnose you so that you don’t accidentally misdiagnose yourself and have it lead to something much more serious. Not that the internet can’t give the correct answer, but wouldn't you like to be safe than sorry? After all, it is your health and well-being.

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