January Newsletter

A New Year, A New You
Finally the new year is here! A new year means a fresh start; a fresh start towards a new you! It's time to get those new years resolutions into full swing and to keep trucking until your goals are met! Whether its to exercise more, eat healthier, be happier, be less stressed out, you will be among many who are trying to make a lifestyle change this year. Change is good for the soul. It sheds new light and can lead to new experiences and challenges that can help us all grow. Maybe massages were never even a past thought of yours but now you want to try and relieve yourself from any stress this upcoming year. Or you're done with your terrible eating habits and want to make a change. Whatever it may be, just know that YOU CAN DO IT! If you want it enough then you will work for it. There's no reason to not improve your lifestyle. After all, you know you deserve it :)

Charity of the Month

Pathways to Independence provides quality support to adults with disabilities. Providing individuals the opportunity to maximize their independent living skills.

Mission Statement: "It is the mission of Pathways to Independence, Inc. to provide program support services, pre-vocational and vocational opportunities to adults with disabilities. These programs shall provide individuals with disabilities the skills necessary to reach their most independent level of functioning. It is the intent of these programs to provide individuals with the opportunity to earn an income and to maximize their independent living skills."

"Pathways to Independence, Inc. shall conduct all programs with integrity, treating each individual with dignity and respect."

Thank you Pathway to Independence for all of your efforts and aid in helping our world become a better place!

Inspire Med Spa

477 Stuyvesant Ave, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Telephone: 201 933 2333 FAX: 201 933 3885

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