February Newsletter

Taking Care of Your Skin This Winter

Dry, cracked skin is the sworn enemy of healthy, glowing skin. We cover up a lot more during the winters so it's easy to forget about our skin. But we musn't! It's the body's biggest organ and we owe it to ourselves to take great care of our skin. After all, it is the layer that protects us. Steaming hot showers may seem like a favorable idea in the winters but it actually isn't. Long exposure to piping hot water can strip the moisture from your skin and hair. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE! Whether it's your legs, arms, body, or even your face, moisturizing after every shower is the best thing you can do for your skin. Sometimes people even get facials to soften up the skin during these cold winter months. Let's do whatever we can to get our skin ready for the summer! I know we're all longing for that sun-kissed summer skin!

Charity of the Month

Human Needs Food Pantry, INC.

The Human Needs Food Pantry provides food, clothing and other services to people in need who live in Montclair, NJ and other neighboring communities in Essex County.

If you'd like to Volunteer or Donate, visit their location at 9 Label Street in Montclair, NJ or contact the director at: (973) 746-4669

Thank you, Human Needs Food Pantry for all that you do!

Inspire Med Spa

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