December Newsletter

Dear December...
It's that time of the year we've been waiting for! Let the month of December commence and may the holiday season be one filled with safety, health, and happiness! Now December can be a stressful month, between preparations for family parties, business holiday parties, gift buying/giving, cooking, cleaning, you name it, it's stressful. So in order to manage that stress why not schedule yourself a massage, or a facial, or some yoga classes; whatever can help keep the stress level down. The holidays are a time of happiness so let's avoid becoming a Grinch! Massages are great way to relieve stress and keep your daily life balanced so you can be motivated and excited to get all your holiday tasks done. In terms of your health, STAY WARM! This is your excuse to wear that ugly sweater around the house that a relative got you years ago (shhhh no one has to know... unless you live with them... then it gets awkward.) We mentioned this in our November newsletter as well but if you're trying to eat healthy, you can still eat that delicious holiday food, but try not to overindulge. You'll thank yourself later. Also, last but not least, please drink responsibly! Let's make this season a happy, healthy and safe one. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Charity of the month
A Partnership for Change (APFC) is a New Jersey non-profit organization that is dedicated to ending family abuse and intimate partner violence. Their mission is as follows:  "Our mission is to break the cycle of abuse in all relationships through the provision of comprehensive prevention, education and awareness programs."
You can participate and more just by clicking the link below! Thank you, A Partnership for Change! Keep being amazing at everything you and your volunteers do to help make our world a better place! 

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