Celebrities that use Botox

Today we will be seeing some celebrities who have done Botox! 

Now what is Botox? 

is a protein is used in cosmetic medicine to treat moderate to severe brow furrow (glabellar lines), uncontrolled blinking, lazy eye, wrinkles, and facial creases. 

Botox goes beyond the typical steriotype and can actually give you the results that you are looking for. 

Take a look at some images below of whom you may know and enjoy viewing on camera. 

Rose McGowan


Kim Kardashian

This goes to show that there are very natural results when it comes to Botox. Although there are those who insert too much for their particular type facial structure, there are a majority from which you would not be even be able to tell if they didnt have a before picture to compare themselves to. 

Botox focuses on the areas of :

Around the Eyes
The muscles around the eyes react in full co-ordination to the feelings as someone laughs, smiles, cries or frowns. This happens so much that fine lines are formed around the eyes. As we age, these lines show and become deeper and thicker. These fine lines on the outside of the eyes are also known as crow’s feet. For these lines to disappear, Botox is injected in the particular muscles around the eyes so as to stop contraction of muscles and smoothing of wrinkles.

The condition where the muscles that handle the blinking of the eyes start to contract is known as Blepharospasm. Depending on how serious the problem is, patients who have blepharospasm face difficulties in carrying out everyday activities like reading, driving and working.

The toxin is injected in the muscles around the lids of the eye so that their speedy contractions are stopped. This method is one of the most suggested treatment methods for blepharospasm. This solution is again not a long term one but a temporary relief that lasts for around four months.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis is excessive perspiration especially in the armpit and botox is a suggested treatment method for that. Small injections are given in the armpit area so that the nerves get paralyzed and signals are send to the sweat glands that develop sweat are blocked. Sweating is stopped by stopping the nerve signals. It should be remembered that the effect of this procedure lasts not life long but for around three to six months and a patient who has this problem usually needs around three Botox treatments in a year if he or she wants to have the excessive sweating to be stopped in their area.

Neck and Shoulder Areas
Uncontrolled and involuntary muscle spams in the shoulders and neck that results in awkward postures and jerky movements is called Cervical Dystonia. Botox injections injected in the shoulder and neck areas are used to treat this condition.

Important** Botox is not intended for children, not even the children from Toddlers and Tiaras. 
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