Benefits of Lavendar

Thankfully to our much anticipated Groupon that has sold over 370 packages we feel exceptionally pleased with the turnout. In accordance with the up and coming fabulous Holiday Packages, did I mention to tell you that they smelled like lavender? 

Here are some key benefits of Lavender that you might find quite surprising. 

  • ability to remove nervous tension
  • relieve pain
  • disinfect scalp and skin
  • enhance blood circulation
  • treat respiratory problems

Lavender has the Latin name Lavare, which means “to wash”, due to its aroma that gives the feeling of a clean aroma. The oil is very useful in aromatherapy and many aromatic preparations are made using lavender oil.

Lavender is not just a great smell, it comes with health benefits as well. This was the original purpose of the choosing Lavender as our holiday theme for our holiday packages. These are geared for men and women who enjoy taking care of themselves mentally and physically. 

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