January's Newsletter.... Facials are needed more than you think.

In The Know
For years, women have known about the benefits of having professional facials. Proven to clean, detoxify and balance the skin's metabolism, they help to minimize and refine pores, soften and improve skin texture and prevent the formation of wrinkles by impeding the aging process. Sensitive skins are calmed and soothed, breakouts cleared up. Skin function is harmonized, leaving dry skin soft and supple, oily skin smooth and refined with decreased pore size. Professional facials also serve as an important weapon in the battle against acne and other skin disorders.

Like exercise for the face and neck, facials are an important delivery system for stimulating red blood cells. By utilizing micronized, highly concentrated ingredients available only to the professional, vital nutrients are absorbed into the cells which help encourage collagen production, a major component necessary for the skin's elasticity and strength. Skin circulation, lymphatic drainage and proper sebaceous secretion are improved, creating healthier skin.

The skin's condition is a reflection of the body's overall well being and a mirror to our lifestyle. To promote optimally healthy skin, we suggest a facial every four to six weeks. If a specific disorder or concern is being addressed, then plan a series of treatments with a follow up once a month. If facials are not currently a part of your overall lifestyle, then you may want to reward yourself with a little healthy pampering. You deserve it! via Inspire Med Spa 

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New Year Resolution January
Dont have any New Year Resolutions yet? 
No need to stress! Studies show that you must be in your most comfortable state to be able to fully produce your most desired goals and dreams. In helping you ease that stress are traditional massages that can ultimately relieve daily pains and fatigue that you may find in your life. Here at Inspire Med Spa,  we  specialize in massage therapy within different areas within athletes, pregnancy, and for those who have just undergone surgery such that need Lymphatic Massages. 

Massages should be taken on bi-weekly & monthly basis so that you are fully ready for what the New Year has to offer.

News - Events
Inspire Med Spa Parties are now available and an incredibly relaxing way to celebrate various events that can be customized to accommodate any theme or party. Private affairs sip, spa and celebrate for birthdays, bridal showers and bachelorettes. Corporate Events serve as a professional way to show clients that there are creative and credible when talking about accounts and different other forms of business.

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