How Can Fillers Help You

Reveal a fresher and younger looking you.

If you are looking for a professional anti-aging specialist in New Jersey that understands the facial structure and can enhance and rejuvenate it to look fresher and younger without leaving you looking unnatural, then Inspire Med Spa is the place for you.

Located in Lyndhurst, NJ, Inspire Med Spa offers tailored filler treatments to help plump up the skin helping turn the clock back on the visible signs of aging. In the past, dermal fillers were exclusive to the rich and famous, but recent trends have seen it become a popular and affordable option for all. Dermal fillers can help plump up your lips, reduce the appearance of dark circle under the eyes, shape and contour the face and eliminate deepest lines and wrinkles.
Non-surgical treatments allow the patient to rejuvenate their skin without the need of going under the knife to do so. In Fact, dermal fillers do such an amazing job at recreating youthfulness that there are procedures known as liquid facelifts that can give the same smooth, youthful and wrinkle free appearance that a traditional facelift provides.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

Before undergoing the filler process you will first be seen by a specialist who has full knowledge of the facial structure.The specialist will analyze your face and make an assessment on any areas of concern. It is at this point that you will be able to discuss your requirements and what you hope to achieve from the procedure. The specialist will then work with you to decide on which filler is best suited for your needs and explain the process of achieving optimal and natural results.
There are three types of fillers available and each is used depending on the placement of the filler:
  • Radiesse – Radiesse is normally used for deeper lines such as the nasolabial lines. It is also used for augmenting volume over the cheekbones and jaw line and to fill the hollow areas of the cheeks. Made from calcium hydroxylapatite, the same mineral found in human bones means that the risk of allergy is negligible. Effects can last for up to 3 years.
  • Restylane – Restylane is identical to human hyaluronic acid, so the risk of allergic reaction is zero. As the filler is clear, it is generally not visible after injection so is perfect for smoothing superficial skin wrinkles. Wrinkle improvement typically lasts for a year. The clarity of Restylane also makes it ideal for filling the tear trough area.
  • Juvederm – Much like Restylane, Juvederm is made from hyaluronic acid and offer the same types of uses. Juvederm proves to be the best choice for filling small lines and less likely to leave residual bumps in the skin after injection. It is not suitable for creating volume due to its fluid nature. For volume, Restylane offers better results.

Once you and your specialist have agreed on your requirements the treatment is ready to be performed. A topical numbing cream will be administered to reduce the amount of sensation you will experience and then the injections will begin. Your specialist will pay close attention during the process to ensure symmetry and naturalness are retained. You will notice immediate results which will last on average of 6 to 9 months.

Am I a Candidate For Fillers?

This all depends on your personal requirements and what you hope to achieve. The best way to discover this is to speak to a specialist at Inspire Med Spa and come up with a plan of action for your needs. Contrary to popular belief, fillers are not the reserve of the old and can be used in various ways to enhance and improve upon your natural beauty no matter your age or gender. So if you are looking to reveal a fresher, younger, and more youthful you in New Jersey, Inspire Med Spa is the place for you.


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