Can you tell if someone has gotten Botox?!?!

Can you tell if someone has gotten Botox?!?!


It really depends!


Here are the scenarios:

  • The Natural Look:
    Getting the necessary Botox and Fillers for specific problem areas in a natural way are a great way of hiding signs of Botox or any procedure for that matter. The stereotype of Botox in many cases are exaggerations of women and men using too much and numbing their entire face. In reality thousands of people use Botox / Fillers and very few are noticeable if done correctly. Many would normally say: "You look younger, something about you is different!"
  • Strong Features:
    In some cases, clients would like to emphasize their features such as creating stronger cheekbones or adding more lip. In this particular situation, it makes it a bit more noticeable for your loved ones to recognize a change within your regular facial features. It is again dependent to the degree you would like to have it done, but regardless at the end of the day you have your preferences towards what you would like regardless if anyone notices.
  • Professionals within the Industry:
    This also depends if they had known the person before the procedure. Normally professionals within the cosmetic industry can frequently spot if someone has done something to their face however as professionals, they encourage making improvements and would not want to share that information to others.
  • Non-licensed/ Non-certified Professionals within the Industry:
    Unfortunately with beauty there are those that are legally not allowed to be performing specific procedures such as Botox on patients if they are not qualified. If the procedures were made with someone that is not-trained, the patient may be at risk for misuse of the quantity of Botox used and the location of where they should be placed. That will then cause a possibility of having others notice the procedure performed even if you were going for a natural look. Please do your research on the person working on you before any procedure is done.

Interesting how on the day-to-day that many people have different opinions of Botox and other such cosmetics. We absolutely love them because it is for 1; non-surgical and for 2; they consistently prove how happy our clients come out afterwards. Aging is inevitable, but how you handle maintaining yourself is ultimately your choice.

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