Mindful March


What does it all really mean?

The month of March means embodies refueling consciousness of humankind, considering the Roman's first official month. Along with the first considered month of Spring from which is already a sense of rebirth, March speaks that their is a bold new conquest in moving forward towards our goals and deepest desires.

How can you feel a sense of rebirth?

Well there are a lot of ways in going about this month, some may take a meditation class to feel a sense of mental progress and some may come to us for some cosmetic procedures in freshening up the face and overall skin.


Here are some things Inspire Med Spa has expertise in!

  • Lightening up the mood around the eyes:
    - Botox, Dysport, Eye Cream
  • Volumizing and giving more structure to the cheeks:
    - Botox, Volume, Skin Tightening, Skin tone balancing products
  • Bringing cheer around the mouth area
    - Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Lip products

For questions about how these products work, please give us a call! 201-933-2333

Have a lovely and progressive month of March 😊


Lyndhurst NJ


Fort Lee NJ



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