Happy International Women's Day



Happy International Women's Day

Today marks the official International Women's Day. This special day offers a day to reflect on who and how a woman can play a crucial role in the workplace. Marked by the United Nations, March 7th is the day to show that women matter in society.

The beautiful souls that we are, we wanted to recognize the women in our lives that have made a difference within Inspire Med Spa

Dr. Gisele Castelluber

Owner of Inspire Med Spa, helping patients feel healthy and beautiful one case at time. As a doctor who listens and appreciates not only her patients but her staff as well. Making Inspire Med Spa a happy and safe environment for everyone to better themselves in a way they would not have thought was possible.

The Women We Care For

We would like to thank the women that we care for. They are all superheroes in our book for they carry several professional and personal jobs as a mother, daughter, sister to their families. Folks that have full-time jobs and take the time to put their families first. The women that deserve to be pampered and listened to. These women at times carry the weight of the world and yet receive no credit for it.

Here at Inspire Med Spa,
we would like to say thank you <3

Have a lovely rest of your week!

Inspire Med Spa Team

Lyndhurst NJ


Fort Lee NJ


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