Oprah's Most Frequent Weight Loss Guest Opens All-Girls' Summer Weight-Loss Camp

Stacey Halprin hopes to combat childhood obesity with Camp Friends 4Ever at William & Mary University

RALEIGH, N.C., May 8, 2013

 -- Stacey Halprin, whose 13 appearances on Oprah made her Oprah's #1 Weight Loss Guest, is known for changing the lives of overweight children. This summer, the all girls' weight loss camp, Camp Friends 4Ever, will open on the grounds of the prestigious William & Mary University in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Camp Friends 4Ever helps teenage girls get a jump start to losing weight, by teaching them how to make better choices and to live a healthier, active lifestyle.

It's the only weight loss camp that allows the campers to choose a majority of their own activities, allowing for a more rewarding and productive summer. They also get to sleep in air conditioned college dorms, to help their bodies recuperate from the day's activities, while most other camps only offer an outside cabin in the heat of the summer. 

Camp Friends 4Ever is so confident in their program; they actually GUARANTEE a weight loss of 7-10% of your average body weight, however most result in an average body weight loss of even 10-14%.

Most importantly, the majority of campers continue to lose weight when returning home because they have been given the tools necessary for long-term lifestyle changes.

To listen to actual campers share their personal success, visit campfriends4ever.com or call 888-484-CAMP.

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