May Newsletter


Facials During the Summer Time FYI

Every women dreams of having healthy and glowing skin for the summer. For this new season and the month of May, facials are recommended for both the personal well being and for health.

In addition to enhancing your natural beauty, facials are designed to clean, moisturize the skin, which is essential for the summer, as the cold winter tends to dehydrate the skin. The first thing to do for the return of the sun will be to rehydrate! Facials care seeks also to remove dead skin cells and improve skin condition.

However, the summer season is so that when the skin is most exposed to the sun, to UV so it is preferable to have two types of care for those wellbeing and those against UV for a healthy and beautiful skin

Mothers Day Packages:

Remind Mom how much you love her... & SAVE!

How much of a difference has your mother made in your life?
Why not reward her with something she will enjoy! 

Mothers Packages

Mother’s Dream

- 90 Minute Signature Inspire Med Spa Massage
- 90 Minute Sensitive Skin Facial  - Glass of Wine 


Just For you Package 

- Eyebrow Wax
- Lower Leg Wax
- Bikini Wax 


Swedish Massage 

This helps fully soothe and relax tired muscles, balancing circulation including
a feeling of well being and relaxation. Recommended for second and third trimester pregnancies.



European Facial 

This is a surface refining facial treatment that includes complete
cleansing, a facial massage, and moisturizing. A wonderfully relaxing
hand massage is just one of the special touches you will experience
with this traditional, relaxing, and nourishing deep pore cleansing facial.
 If this is is your first facial, this treatment is highly recommended.



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Massage isn't just a luxurious treat to pamper yourself; there are many other healthful reasons to get a massage on a regular basis, including the big one - stress. Since stress can translate in different ways for different people, from aches and pains, to muscle tension, to both physical and emotional exhaustion, massage can actually help your body and mind de-stress, providing relief as well as, if not better than, medication for some of these ailments.

Here are five positive things a massage can do for you and your body:

1. Decrease chronic pain: Massage releases endorphins (the body's natural painkiller) into the brain and nervous system to reduce pain and discomfort without the use of medication. It also activates nerve receptor signals to temporarily block chronic pain signals from reaching the brain. For lower-back pain, try shiatsu, an Asian form of massage using trigger points to ease tension and release endorphins.

2. Strengthen your immune system: Massage increases circulation in your lymphatic system, which plays a major role in warding off infection and healing injuries.

3. Improve nerve function: Massage relaxes contracted muscles, which can press or pinch your nerves, causing tingling, numbness, or pain. For athletes or those who just love a good workout, try a Swedish massage to lessen the muscle pain that comes with exercise.

4. Sleep better: Since massage relaxes tense muscles and calms the nervous system, causing your body's rhythm to slow down, blood pressure is lowered, your heart rate settles and your breathing becomes deeper and more rhythmic, setting you up for a great night's sleep.

5. Improve your skin: With so many factors taking a toll on our skin, including the sun, pollution, poor diet, and just the natural aging process, massage therapy can increase the uptake of vital skin-repairing nutrients and speed the removal of toxins. Improved circulation helps moisturize your skin, improving skin texture, while relieving dryness and itching.


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