February Newsletter - Spa Parties! A Brand New Sensation

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Spa Parties! A Brand New Sensation

Inspire Med Spa is pleased to introduce Spa Parties to the Lyndhurst Location.  For those of you who do not know what Spa Parties are, it is a combination of utilizing spa services throughout an event or location. Inspire Med Spa Parties are an incredibly relaxing way to celebrate various events that can be customized to accommodate any theme or party. Private affairs sip, spa and celebrate for birthdays, bridal showers and bachelorettes. Corporate Events serve as a professional way to show clients that there are creative and credible when talking about accounts and different other forms of business. Inspire Med Spa Parties will be held at the gorgeous Inspire Med Location, fully equipped with a server, appetizers, drinks, and a staff ready to pamper you with massages and facials. Botox Parties are one of the biggest trends today as many like to bring friends and make their self improvement a part of a group while still enjoying wine and celebrating numerous of events.

All spa parties include the use of robes, slippers, access to the beverage bar with includes freshly squeezed lemon water and light snacks. A light lunch can be added for addition price along with other items. Check out our "extras" to make your day at the spa more enjoyable. Inspire Med Spa makes it easy and effortless so that you don't have the stress of planning. Additional catering options are available upon request. Benefits to enrolling in a spa party are not only based on great group discounts but also enjoying a friend's company. Based on the type of event, we may also present services such as Laser Hair Removal, Bachelorette Entertainment, Chocolate Fondue Fountain, Appetizers, Food Entries, Live Music, DJ, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists, Photographers, and Videographers.

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To help celebrate the Inspire Med Spa Parties we have this special through to the end of this month:

Losing Weight February 

Joined that gym yet? If so you have probably noticed throughout this time of year, the place is crowded with people who are rushing to lose the extra pounds before the summer! 
For those of whom have trouble losing the stubborn weight there is a proven solution called the HCG Diet, even supported by Dr. Oz during his hit show. The HCG diet is estimated to lose from 1-2 lbs per day that does not require exercise.   

Give us a call at 201-933-2333 for more information! 

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