PRP Treatment for Cosmetic Rejuvenation

PRP for Cosmetic Purposes successfully treats: 

- Fine wrinkles around the eyes
- Bags and dark circles under the eyes
- Acne and acne scars
- Cheeks
- Neck wrinkles
- Chest and décolletage
- stretch marks
- lipstick lines
- Back of hands and arms

PRP is a kind of regenerative treatment that uses a patient's own particular blood (particularly the organelles called platelets inside of the blood), to recover collagen and other infinitesimal structures that backing new, sound looking skin. Since PRP originates from a patient's own blood, there is essentially no danger of any sort of antagonistic (hypersensitive) response. Platelets are likewise part of the body's characteristic protection framework, so they additionally lessen the likelihood of viral and bacterial disease.

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