December Newsletter: December to Remember Holiday Prep!!


Welcome to December, the snowy weather and holidays are here! Amongst family and friends you would like to show how far you've come physically and mentally. Looking and feeling great is one of the greatest pleasures and sure fire way to improve your confidence. So with the final days counting down, we wanted to show you some tips for December's Holiday prep to get you into your fabulous self.
We ofcourse do not have the natural metabolisms and perfect skin as the Victoria's Secret Models HOWEVER we need to commend these models for their day to day efforts and dedication towards their work. 4 hour exercise routines and hourly visits to their various specialized doctors has got to account for something!

Anywho for many that have jobs and busy schedules, its tough to maintain your once 20 year old physique and skin!

Here are some suggestions that can show great results in such a short time period. 
  • Facials!
    Such a great way to remove any dead skin and extract any acne that you may have before any holiday events. It is best to leave the extractions to the professionals as they will leave your skin clean and without any additional scarring. Anti-Aging facials are also a great way to tighten and firm areas that need it. It is suggested 2-3 times before your holiday events so that you make sure we can accomplish all of your skin needs.
  • Carboxy therapy:
    Great for cellulite reduction and firming of the skin around different areas of the body. Please leave a 1-2 weeks for 100% recovery
  • Waxing:
    We would normally recommend laser hair removal however for laser hair removal to completely remove all of your growing follicles it may take more than 1 month. Waxing is a great solution for a few days before your event.
  • IV Vitamin Therapy:
    This is great for an energy boost. If you are feeling like you are going to get sick, this is a great way to boost your immune system so that you make sure you are not under the weather during your holiday parties.
  • Spider Vein Removal:
    Please give 1-2 weeks to fully heal or any additional touch ups if needed.
  • Botox and Dermal Fillers:
    Great for giving your face a fresh look and may help contour your face a bit more. This is also a great alternative for those you have facial wrinkles. Please give a week or so for full recovery.

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  • Massages:
    Great for de-stressing before the holidays. Nothing better than having your muscles loosened up especially if you have been exercising!
  • Tailored Diets:
    Great to get your body in a healthy detox before the holidays. A great start to kick off into a brand new year !

Any questions regarding these procedures please visit our website , or give us a call at 201-933-2333


Lyndhurst News

Blood Drive info:
Lyndhurst Police Emergency Service
297 Delafield Ave, Lyndhurst
Holiday Feast
Saturday, December 6, 2014 12:30pm-5:45pm
Bloodmobile in park
We will be also having a food drive

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