November Newsletter: Fall into Fabulous!!

Fall into Fabulous for this Festive Season!!

Here are some great solutions to handle common problems before the holidays (and holiday stress) come rushing in!

·      Break AWAY from BREAKOUTS
Be sure to call in for one of our Acne Facials, and Extraction Facials to remove dead skin and treat any moderate to severe acne you may be going through. We also do free skin consultations to be able to teach you about what type of skin you may have
·      Botox for Men
Yes a common misconception is that men are not suppose to get botox. Hundreds of men get Botox or Dermal Fillers to reverse any sign of aging they may have. Please click here for before and after pictures. For both sexes, if you are experiencing signs of aging, please consult with the doctor to see the types of fillers and amount would be effective for your situation.
·      Vi Peel
Perfect for both men and women looking to rejuvenate skin, remove dead skin and decrease skin indiscretions you may be having. Please click here for before and after pictures
·      Colonics
As the holidays come along so does the heavy holiday meals. A good suggestion before and during these holiday appetites would be to undergo a few colonics procedures to make sure that your bowels are working as they are suppose to. If you do not go to the bathroom regularly ( primarily #2) then you should most definately consider colonics as a solution. Long term problems may arise due to bowel problems such as weight gain, fatigue, stress, and several other physical health conditions that effect your other organs. There is no harm in asking the doctor more information regarding this procedure.
·      PRP Facelift
Platelet Rich Plasma is a process in which plasma from your own blood is injected into your face. It is a procedure that is meant to improve the look and feel of your skin.

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