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Ah yes, the sun; how we love it. It's what puts smiles on our faces and what brightens our days. So much positivity radiates from this big yellow ball in the sky, however, there is one big factor that sometimes goes unmentioned; and that's the negative effects the sun can have on your skin. Too much sun exposure can lead to a multitude of things including, skin cancer, aging, sun spots, wrinkly skin, and even benign tumors. There are plenty of way to protect your skin from sun damage, the biggest being the use of sunscreen. Applying sunscreen before exposing your skin to sun will help prevent any negative effect the sun can have on your skin. Also, using cosmetic products that offer UV protection are helpful. Being able to perform self skin exams are a way to familiarize yourself with existing growths and to notice any changes or new growths. Aging and wrinkles are inevitable the older you get but you surely don't want to speed up the process with irresponsible exposure to the sun. Take care of your skin! It's the outermost protection your body has to offer.

How Can Inspire Med Spa Help Your Skin?

With SkinCeuticals! SkinCeauticals is a line of skin care products that improves the overall health of the skin - inside and out. It combats the physical effects of aging, and with with Vitamin C products, it tackles those tough to get rid of dark spots! This stuff is really heaven on your skin. Come to Inspire Med Spa to try out SkinCeuticals for yourself!

To keep your skin looking healthy this Spring and Summer, we offer Facials as part of our spa services:
  • Acne Facials
  • European Facial
  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Vitamin A-C-E Antioxidant Treament

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