June Newsletter

Who's Excited That June Has Arrived?!

Get Active!

Get out there and enjoy the outdoors! Work in a little exercise and outdoor activities to help you exercise. Enjoy what you're doing all while working on that fitness. Feeling sore? No problem! Call us up and schedule a massage so that we can have you and your muscles feeling back to normal.

Dads Need Love & Appreciation Too!

Father's day is next Sunday! And who say's dads can't indulge in a little TLC after outdoor activities with the kids? Show how much you appreciate them with a gift certificate to our spa where they have tons of spa services to choose from. We love you, dads!

IV Vitamin Therapy As Energy

Last week we spoke about how IV Vitamin therapy is a safe and natural way of infusing nutrients into the bloodstream of the body. These nutrients and vitamins are VITAL to anyone who is active this spring and summer. This will give you the energy to participate in exercising, outdoor activities and everything in between!

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