November News Letter - Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving

Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving
It's that time of year where the turkey is looking juicy as ever, the stuffing is calling your name and that pie is just ready to be eaten. NOT SO FAST! Although, the holidays are a time to indulge, let's not get ahead of ourselves and OVERindulge. There are plenty of tips to eat healthy this Thanksgiving. First off, don't over do it with the portion sizes. Take a small to NORMAL size... yes, a normal size because you need to save room for everything else you'll want to eat. Instead of serving yourself a culmination of calories serve something a little more healthy; for example, sweet roasted potatoes instead of the mashed ones with gravy. Third, EAT BREAKFAST. Eating a bit before you indulge is a way to minimize the amount you'll take in later on in the day. Also, drinking some water before your Thanksgiving meal will make your tummy a little fuller and less likely to over do it with the turkey, stuffing, etc.  Lastly, going for a run in the morning can help ease the feeling of being full. Eat a little too much? It's okay, you went for a run this morning so you don't have to feel as guilty. These are just a few of the many healthy Thanksgiving tips out there but feel free to gives some of these a try!  

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Charity of the Month

SMILE is our Charity of the month! SMILE is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization providing comprehensive social services for the poor urban communities in Passaic County, New Jersey. SMILE’s relief programs provide a free food pantry and health clinic. They also provide social programs for adults and the youth. Mission: SMILE’s mission is to transform the way in which we give back. SMILE seeks to address socio-cultural maladies that occur at every income level including but not limited to hunger, poverty, lack of access to healthcare, lack of awareness of mental health issues and lack of access to the arts. You're doing an amazing job, SMILE! 

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