October Newsletter - The Perks Behind the Pumpkin

The Perks Behind the Pumpkin
Okay, everyone... It's October aka pumpkin season will be in full swing. So we've all known pumpkins to be a sign that Halloween is around the corner or that the Fall has come and it's here to say (at least until December 21st). However, pumpkins have another beneficial yet far too awesome purpose: They're good for you and your SKIN! I mean really, not only can you use them as decorative pieces around your house and for the kids to carve out but you can also use it for beauty purposes... this is a WIN! Pumpkins are an antioxidant and anti inflammatory food, which means it will help with your joints and organs as well as relieve stress. They contain both vitamin A & C which are important for your vision and immune system and.... (wait for it) encourages collagen production for the skin to maintain its glow and elasticity. Pumpkin is a great source of fiber to help wash out any toxins and keep your body running smoothly. So next time you want to binge on that Halloween candy and sweets, think again! 


Service of the Month! 
The October weather may be a little chilly so don't forget to moisturize as much as you can so you're skin is feeling smooth and fresh... OR come in for a FACIAL! Nothing feels better than treating your skin to it's own little mini vacation. It'll thank you later, we promise! 

In the Lyndhurst Community

October 3, 2013 - First Day of Swim America Adult Class at the Community Pool - visit the calendar for more!

October 19, 2013 - Women's Club of Lyndhurst Garage Sale @ Lyndhurst Senior Center - also on the calendar !

Charity of the Week
Angelwish is our Charity of the week! Angelwish helps people grant wishes for children with chronic illnesses while teaching others the power of giving. What they do: toy drives, giving sprees, educational support, international giving, and birthday and holiday wish granting. Located in Rutherford, NJ as their US location, Angelwish continues to go above and beyond to make sure that these kids know what happiness feels like. Keep it up, Angelwish! 

Learn more at: http://www.angelwish.org/

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