August Newsletter - No, Summer is almost over!

It's Almost the End of the Summer (Sadly) ! 

It’s the end of the summer and looking your best when you see old friends and family is very important. There’s always that form of gratification when someone says to you, “Wow you look great! Tell me your secret.” Well, now you can. Treat yourself to a spa day… or two… or three; guess it depends on who you’re seeing because frankly, it’s been a hot summer and you deserve it. Why not go for that 1 or two hour massage or that facial that you've been wanting since the beginning of the summer. We all want to look our best when seeing those we haven’t seen in a while, especially those family and friend reunions. Inspire Med Spa can have you feeling great again so you can be well on your way to impressing those old friends of yours. Clients can receive a reunion or vacation discount of $10 with another $10 discount on their next service if they send you a postcard from their next vacation. So, wrap up your summer with a nice vacation, send us a picture, get $10 discount with an additional $10 off with the picture, and Inspire Med Spa will have you feeling and looking great. 

Events in the Lyndhurst Community: Summer 2 Fitness Classes Begin: August 5

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August Newsletter - End of Summer Ideas!

SERVICE OF THE MONTH - Reunion or Vacation Discount!

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