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 Weddings are easily one of the most expensive parties you'll ever throw, and wedding costs are only getting higher! This infographic divvies up the US average by geographical regions to see where the big wedding spenders are. According to the experts at The Wedding Report, average wedding costs reached an all-time high in 2012 at $28,427. My Glass Slipper wanted to know more about the facts and figures behind weddings, so they looked further into The Wedding Report's research. The result was the creation of this cute infographic: It gives you a good sense of where in the country brides are getting the most bang for their buck.

There's quite a bit of variation between the size and scope of American weddings – a Northeastern wedding, for example, has the biggest big day budget with nearly the smallest guest list. The South throws an average of 813,328 weddings per year – more than any other region – but the Northeast spends over $5,000 more per wedding.

It looks as if most of it may be that the cost of living is just higher in some places, and therefore the wedding costs are naturally going to be more expensive. For example, you'll notice that the Northeast spends the most per wedding but overall has fewer weddings per year, invites the least amount of people, and has fewer wedding businesses than the other regions. The South, however, has the most weddings per year with almost the cheapest expense but the biggest market value and a ton of wedding businesses dedicated to making these big days even bigger.

This infographic can really help budget brides plan their wedding. If the groom's family is from Pennsylvania but the bride's people are down in Georgia, they would more than likely get more pizazz for their pennies hosting the ceremony down South. Given the bigger bridal market in the South, too, a bride might decide that she'd get better service, more attention, and more variety than she might in other locations.

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