NYC and NJ Nursing Home Consortium Centers for Specialty Care Group Highlights Its Summer Safety Awareness Campaign

Centers for Specialty Care Group, the leading provider of quality nursing home therapy in New York and New Jersey, is currently spotlighting events organized as part of its Summer Safety Awareness campaign.

NEW YORK, April 29, 2013 Centers for Specialty Care Group, a trusted NYC rehab center consortium, is currently promoting its Summer Safety Awareness campaign. The group, found online at has locations throughout New York and New Jersey, offering high-quality facilities and professional care.

"With the warmer weather finally making its long-awaited appearance, it's time to start biking, grilling, swimming and generally making the most of the sun-drenched outdoors. At Centers for Specialty Care group, we are immensely excited to make lasting memories this summer and hope to aid the local community in doing so too. Indeed, we take our role as one of the providers of community care very seriously. That's why we've organized a program of Summer Safety Awareness events in order to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the glorious weather, while remaining safe and healthy," said Kenny Rozenberg, CEO of Centers for Specialty Care Group.

As part of its roster of events, Centers for Specialty Care group will be organizing street-fairs at all of its facilities. In an effort to educate the community on the importance of prevention of skin damage, the care-giving organization will be distributing sunscreen. The nursing home therapy consortium will also be dispensing bike lights to encourage safe biking practices throughout the states of New York and New Jersey, as well as first aid kits, water bottles and hand sanitizers in an effort to improve hygiene practices and healthcare in general.

The NYC rehab center group will also be facilitating onsite demonstrations from health professionals of various disciplines, so as to provide the local community with informative lessons on various aspects of healthcare.

Dina Schwartz, Creative Director of the NYC and NJ Rehabilitation and Healthcare Corporation, echoed CEO Kenny Rozenberg's statement: "Centers for Specialty Care group is honored to be such a vital part of several communities and fortunate to be in the position to give back and make a difference. We wish all of our neighbors a fun and healthy summer!"

Additionally, Centers is announcing a re-branding of its Holliswood Center for Rehabilitation and Care, which will be marked by a celebratory event in July. The event will include an employee appreciation brunch to commemorate the hard work, loyalty and commitment of the Holliswood Center staff, as well as a ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch the facility's modernization.

To learn more about the services provided by Centers for Specialty Care Group, or to find details on its upcoming events, browse the NYC nursing home consortium's website at CFSC offers a range of modernized services at its facilities including onsite kidney dialysis. For questions about the group and its services, call a representative at 718-408-5100.

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