Experience With Laser Hair Removal

Here is an individuals personal account regarding laser hair removal:

"I'm having my upper lip, arm pits and bikini (brazillian) area lasered.

I started getting treatment in November. Initially it was once a month, then every 6 weeks, now I'm up to every 8, but I don't know how many more.
I can't remember the last time I shaved or tweezed. Every area is smooth and the dark skin from the hair pigment and shaving is gone. All the skin is the same color all up and down my leg. I might get a little peach fuzz every now and then, but I can hardly see it.

Unfortunately, the laser is only attracted to hair with pigment so, I'm 39 and some of that isn't black anymore, get what I'm saying... So that I'll still have to shave, but it's a small patch here and there.

It hurts. Even with a topical lidocaine applied twice prior to the appt. it feels like someone blew a match out and stuck it to you. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER you get the picture. After it's done she places an ice cold towel on the area and aloe vera. The pain is instantly gone and I leave with no redness at all.

Overall, it's way worth it. I'm saving up to have my legs done and my daughter says as soon as she's old enough she wants to have it done. I had a client whose parents paid for it as a graduation present.

It takes all of 15 minutes for the whole shabang. More now, since we're "best friends" and chat a lot more! LOL

Hope this helps, ask anything you like, I'll be happy to try and answer."

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