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Probiotics means “pro-life”. They are friendly bacteria in the intestine that when in adequate amount benefit the host. The two most important types of probiotics are lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. They produce lactic acid and other substances the create a barrier against infection in the intestine. Should you get probiotics from food or dietary supplements?

If you choose food you can get it from yougurt, sour cream kefir, sourkraut , kombucha (fermented) tea and fermented soy. They generally focus in two strains and may not provide the necessary amount clinically relevant. If you choose supplement you can get single and multiple strains and species and you can get relevant amount for clinical use.

Beware that some products do not contain what their label claim, so it’s important to choose probiotics from trustworthy companies.

Of the known companies regarding "Real Probiotics" we love to use is Xymogen.
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Probiotic deficiency causes ,in part, some inflammatory bowel conditions such as small intestine bacterial growth syndrome. This cause chronic diarrhea , decrease absorption of B12 and various other vitamins and proteins.Probiotics can be used to prevent and treat diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, travelers diarrhea ,ulcerative colitis and etc… It is very important to take the adequate amount of probiotics because stomach acid will destroy a good amount so it will have enough to reach the intestine to provide their benefit. It is very wise also to get the right strain of probiotic to treat specific problems otherwise it won’t take effect.

This Season

Spa Parties!

This season calls for new things to do during this Holiday Season. Think about it, during these cold and gruesome times all there is to do now-a-days are eating fatty foods, watching movies, sleeping a whole lot more and spending money at the mall! Do something different for a change with your girlfriends and host a spa party! Spread out the costs evenly amongst your guests and well provide the place, the wine, and massage therapists !

A variety of services involved are:

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Importance of Family
Let’s face it; we are nothing more than a perishable object, without someone taking care of us on our arrival in this world. Despite all the odds, your family will take care of your wellbeing, and try their best to provide you the greatest comforts in the world. They will also protect your dignity and make sure that your boat sails successfully to the shore, irrespective of the odds in life.

It doesn’t require a sharp memory to recall those days, when your parents must have spent sleepless nights to ensure that you feel homely, get well or ease your burden. No one out there, except your family must have forgiven the endless number of blunders you must have committed in your life. Apart from teaching you forgive and forget lessons, they must have always been there for you, when you needed them the most. Take advantage of your family's presence and be grateful as many do not have a family that you do. Have a great Turkey Day this month!


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