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Everybody knows that college is when young adults start to pack on the pounds especially during their first year (A.k.a. Freshmen Year ). Everything gets bigger: stress levels, workload, and yes frequently pant sizes. And let me tell you, it is much easier to gain the wait then to lose it. The best solution to this massive problem is to prevent yourself from gaining weight. It is much easier said than done but there are many ways to avoid gaining weight in college. Here are a few suggestions that may help to avoid gaining weight in your first year in a college or university.

Why do students gain weight freshman year? There are a number of things that contribute to the weight gain some may include:

  • Higher stress levels
  • Over eating
  • Higher daily caloric intake
  • Lack of sleep
  • Skipping meals
  • Lack of exercise
  • Alcohol consumption

These are just a few causes for weight gain and many of you could probably check off more than one of those. Surprisingly there are many ways that you can turn these issues around and still this make college fun and healthy. The first step to a healthier college life is setting a goal. If you are not happy with how much you weigh and write down your ideal weight goal in a place from which you will see often. Studies show that the more visual your goal is, the probability of achieving that goal is significantly higher. Also, get a buddy to join you. Support is one best things you can have and if you have a friend that has the same mindset then you can push each other to reach the ultimate goal. Weight Watchers is known for their group meetings that have individuals motivationally building off each other’s accomplishments for their own benefit.

Make exercise a priority. Sure that does not sound appetizing for anyone but staying active is a key factor in staying healthy. Instead of going out to eat with your friends, go to the park to throw a Frisbee around. This also helps in relinquishing the pressures of getting high caloric foods. All universities have a gym and classes that the students can take. Sign up alone or with friends to take a Zumba class or to go for a run on the treadmills. Making exercise an activity rather than a chore makes actually going out and doing it sound like fun.

The last and probably one of the most important things to think about is diet. Quitting cold turkey on junk foods doesn’t works. Saying no to those foods only makes you want to eat it more. Moderation is key and knowing your body will go a long way. Set a diet plan and try to follow it as best as you can. Substituting green leafy vegetables with potatoes or corn (starch) in one meal can make a huge  difference. Also write down this “rough draft” diet somewhere you can see it daily. Remind yourself what you want to accomplish and keep in mind that making these changes will only help in the end.

As a quick summary: stay motivated, write down your goals, get a buddy, and make exercise fun. Make this a lifestyle, not an obligation. Getting through college doesn’t have to include an extra 10-15 pounds hanging around the waist, buns or thighs!

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