July Newsletter - Fat, Fatigued Depressed?

In the Know- Fat, Fatigued, Depressed? 
If you feel that way and have nobody to turn to, we may have a solution for you. Through saliva testing, which regulates your hormones leads to making you feel better . Saliva testing is a diagnostic test used to assess steroid hormone levels in both men and women. Often used in scientific study, saliva is an important bodily function that accurately reflects the proportion of hormones in the human body. These tests are important in indicating levels of progesterone, estrogen testosterone and cortisol from which act as an extremely beneficial marker to women that may be suffering from menopause or other age-related diseases. Taking a saliva test will help you determine if you have the correct hormone levels by indicating whether or not you have a healthy hormone balance. The tests are not only easy to use but they are noninvasive, inexpensive and very accurate in measuring the amount of hormones in the blood that are active. If you have a problem with hormone imbalance, these tests should be taken from time to time in order for doctors to re-evaluate your hormone levels and decide which medications will be the most effective for you. Through saliva testing, Inspire Med Spa is able to determing Adrenal stress which is considered one of the most common problems in our modern society. For more information give us a call at 201-933-2333.

Adrenal July
Adrenal Supplements are based on a case by case basis depending on your needs and symptoms that you are feeling. Benefits of taking Adrenal Supplements include decreased inflammation and allergies, reduced fatigue, increased stress tolerance as mentioned the above article. These supplements  feature hormones, nucleic acids and nutrients that provide building blocks to help restore the adrenal glands, effectiveness depends upon the stage of adrenal weakness that a person is experiencing. 

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We welcome Lucy to our team! Lucy is a Nurse Practitioner now taking up more time in the office to attend to many of our patients. Lucy shows patience and care towards the individuals that she takes care of.  She is now attending patients Saturdays as well selected days to accompany Dr. Castelluber during busy afternoons.  Inspire Med Spa pushes to accomodate its patients as much as possible.  So please give us a call if you would like to make an appointment at Inspire Med Spa. 

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