November's Newsletter .....Christmas is Near!

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Holiday packages are now available!
Don’t know what to get your special someone that they might actually enjoy? 

Geared for both men and women.....
Benefits of getting people what they really want, please guys no bunt cakes or knitted sweaters for this holiday season. 

All are at a price point that for a quality package your special someone will love for sure. 

The person as well has the ability to choose between a massage or facial gift certificate depending on preference. Don’t know what to you get your special someone? All are at a price point that for a quality package your special someone will love for sure. 

Teddy Love Package:

$75 Massage Gift Certicate
Sonoma Lavender Teddy Bear
Skin Ceutical Body Lotion
Skin Consultation
$75 Facial Gift Certificate

The Ultimate Pampering Package:

$150 Massage or Facial Gift Certificate 
Sonoma Lavender Teddy Bear 
Skin Consultation
Eyebrow waxing 

All come complete with a skin consultation to find out the type of skin that you have, and see the differences it makes to use products specifically for your type of skin. 

These packages are intended to give you a deal especially during the holiday season, and to further make any orders please give us a call at 201-933-2333 Also ask about our individual items and gift certificates!

Day Light Savings November 
Is time not on your side? Derma fillers are products such as Restylan,Radiesse and Juvederm. Fillers stimulate your body to make new collagen, giving you a natural refreshed look these key areas of Smile Lines, Corners of the Mouth, Chin Wrinkle, Marionette Lines, and Pre-jowl. Benefits of getting fillers done is that you will be prepared with whatever the upcoming holidays throws at you (especially pictures) and there is IMMEDIATE correction in a treatment that can be performed in less than an hour.

Inspire Med Spa Recommendation: 
must have the first consultation in  determining your skin’s needs and options

News - Events 
Dr. Castelluber had spoken in project mantena this past october regarding the importance of getting informed about HPV for women. 

Ino Gomez’s radio had made a shout out to Inspire Med Spa, Dr. Castelluber and her staff early november representing brasilian music. Much Thanks Mr. Gomez!

Dr. Castelluber
+201 933 2333

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