The Differences Between Spas of all Kinds

Now what are the real differences?? 

For those of us who don’t frequently go to spas as often as we would like too, the difference between a day spa and a resort spa may be very small to us. But for those who are regulars in the all-relaxing atmosphere know exactly what the differences are between a day spa and a resort spa.

Some spas are associated with a hotel, The location and the size of the hotel will differentiate whether you are a resort, a hotel spa or day spa. Basically, if you are not associated with any hotel you do not have the overnight stay option. That’s what differentiates a day spa from a hotel or a resort spa.

Experts in the field of day spas agree that potential clients should do as much research as possible prior to your visit to the day spa. Also, knowing if the spa is connected with a hotel can help or hinder in the process. Spas that are located inside of hotels offer their patrons a much wider array of relaxing and pampering options. For example, anyone registered in the hotel of a resort spa will likely receive benefits and options that others would not receive. 

“Depending on the type of spa you go to, it’s mostly about body care, facials, nails, and hair, Some offer every treatment possible, but beware of the qualifications if the particular spa doesn't support the proper staff for the recommended services. That means massages, facials, body treatments, nail care, foot care, and hair care. Hair care could be anything from a simple shampoo and style to color to black tie evenings and that sort of thing.”

The difference between a day spa and a medical spa is the type of treatments offered and the results of those treatments. Day spas are good for relaxing, and making you feel good-there is usually extra pampering such as a steam room available, but while the facial treatments might feel good, a lot of the products are not strong enough to give you a result that can make a noticeable difference in your skin. Medical spas are in between day spas and plastic surgeon offices. They still pamper you and are a relaxing environment but are combined with non-surgical laser and other treatments to give you much more noticeable differences in your skin. All of the product is physician grade and the treatments generally penetrate deeper and can make a difference in the texture, tone, and pigmentation of your skin. Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center offers complimentary consultations to explain the difference between the treatments that we offer and other "day-spas" offer.

Very different Spas are also referred to as some gyms, yoga and retail pool establishments. 

Inspire Med Spa is a full service medical spa, where as we focus on the treatments that you want and need continually making you feel comfortable and completely relaxed still providing incredible results. Inspire Med Spa is not just cucumbers people! 

For those of you with needed results, medical spas are the best bet for you. 

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