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"Beauty  is in the eye of the beholder"

Beauty is a subject experience and is different when is being evaluated through culture,male or female ,ethnicity and background .Beauty for men is different  from women . Men is much more visual,he appreciates body shape,form and style but beleive me ,they 're much less perfectionist than women!When they say "women dress up for other women to see" ,is very true!

Male beauty is not just a fit body or a beautiful face,is the personality, self steem , grooming and class.Another important aspect is health,when you don't feel well, all the other beauty aspects loose their effect.

General health tips are: balance diet with fresh fruits and vegetables,lean protein and whole grain cereals.Avoid by all means processed foods.Exercise at least 30 min  to increase your heart rate to see results and last but not least the importance of a good night sleep can not be underestimated.Usually men need 7 to 8 hours of sleep .If symptoms of fatigue ,low energy ,decreased sex drive, irritabilitystart to set in ,this is the time to check your hormones, that could be out of balance. Excess stress ,exposure to toxics in our enviroment.

In my practice experience ,as a funcional and metabolic physician  with a fellowship training,working for many years with men I see their tremendous improvements  with hormonal balance (not only testosterone replacement but thyroid and cortisol levels ) ,detoxification programs associated with food intolerance testing.With propper diagnosis the results are very rewarding.

If you are curious to know more ,you can contact me at 201  933 2333 or through my website  

September Skins

September is a great time to start treating those dark unwanted varicose veins that appear on your skin. Reason being is that most treatments aftercare ommit sun and excess light. September and the coming months are perfect in working with skin conditions and plenty more that don’t limit you from summer activities such as the beach and vacationing. Treatments for Varicose Veins can alleviate pain on your legs. The specified treatment last about 3-6 months and all of treated veins will leave your skin permanently, so that by the time summer comes you will be looking like a hot 20 year old in no time! 

Remember guys all new customers recieve 10$ off your first visit!  

Inspire Med Spa Recommendation: 

Start September + 6 months later = March 2012 hot 20 year old ;] 

News- Events

Inspire Med Spa's Grand Opening September 23rd 4pm-8pm  Grand Opening Featuring Complimentary beverages, food, live music, raffle offs, mini facials, nutritional lifestyle information, and a 20% discount on spa services booked during the event.

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Now looking for sponsors regarding the event.
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Dr. Castelluber
+201 933 2333

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