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Brasilian Press 2009 
“Room Entrepreneur: Castelluber know Gisele, MD” -By Iva Maria *

Gisele Castelluber, MD, has invested 6 years of study at a university in Brazil and over 3 years residency in the U.S.. The large investment of time, money and quality of life were fundamental to their education and training, always investigating how it could achieve professional autonomy. One of her biggest barriers was the time invested in studies as wel as the time in the office in order to stay afloat. She considers it essential that to achieve success has clear goal and do all things relating to what you want and have the patience to make things happen.Initially worked in hospitals at half time and then moved to full time in his own clinic. Within 3-4 years it was considered stabilized professionally. The habit of always updating, searching and researching in their area, a very positive state and goal setting mentality, takes part of her entrepreneurial attitude. Having courage and persistence, and cites the book “The Secret” as a tool of motivation.

Gisele helps to keep people motivated to remember all of their objectives, goals, dreams and think about themselves successfully, keeping an eye open to see the opportunities. Do not beat yourself up about things that may cause negative impression on a day-to-day. To reverse these impressions, immediately take a decision to change the thoughts to the things that cause positive impression.

Always looking to surround herself with people seeking their place in the sun without giving up. Consecrated by its loyal clientele, serves family medicine as well as aesthetic and preventive medicine, anti-aging and biodentical hormones. With this method you can prevent future illnesses and offers a younger and healthier life. For information contact us by phone (201) 933-2333 or on the website (it has now been moved to
* Iva Mary, founding president of the Association of NGOs AEMBR strategists Motivation in Brazil, business consultant, lecturer, collaborator of the Brazilian Press Journal, contributor to Radio 1700 AM, every Tuesday 4:00 a.m. to 3:30 pm. Author of the "Room of the Entrepreneur" directed to the public interested in personal development through entrepreneurship.

-Being that this was the first publication from the Brasilian Press writing about Dr. Castelluber, she is now currently writing a column for  this particular publication that involves her expertise and advice on health related topics. She has progressed tremenduously since 2009.

News- Events

September will be the month that  Inspire Med Spa will be launching their very own Medical Spa Grand Opening. Now this means all are invited to attend an event introducing a variety of services, professional advice, innovations, food, and live music!

Now looking for sponsors regarding the event. 
Contact us @ for more details.

Dr. Castelluber
+201 933 2333

DETOX August

August is the month of where summer is almost near its end, and youre already stressed about going back to school or work! Many times your summer nights were filled with lovely saturated foods and sugary alcoholic beverages due to the simple fact of being out so much.

 No worries, the simple resolution for this would be to detox ofcourse! Detox is the process of removing toxin (such as these unhealthy foods) out of the body through use of natural methods. These toxins usually affect all areas of the body such as energy level, sleep, skin, allergies and overall mood. 

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